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7/28/2016  Titan X Pascal Performance Tease - Titan X Pascal or GTX 1070 in SLI? That is the question. SLI Performance explored in the new pascal architecture and a little performance tease of the Nvidia Flagship Titan X can be found in this article here. Yes we are finally back after a 7 year hiatus.... Read More


3/9/2010 IPEX Releases Statement Regarding Counterfeit CPU's Shipped to Newegg - By now everyone is well aware of the Newegg Fake Core i7-920 Processors floating around the country. Here is a simple press release as of 5:40PM on the situation.... Read More

9/30/2008 Intel Atom Shootout - Michael Evilsizer gives us an in depth analysis on Intel's latest creation in Micro-Architecture. These tiny, but plenty powerful processors can take on many of today's demanding games and applications. Michael compares the Atom 230 to the Atom 330..... Read More

1/18/2008 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (Raid 0 Results) - Our readers requested it immediately. In turn we have published it immediately. Raid 0 results of the Seagate 7200.11 drives.... Read More

1/17/2008 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 - The manufacturer is claiming a drive that seeks comparably to other top of the line large capacity drives. Seagate also claims sustained throughput higher than any other SATA drive we have seen so far. The drive specs are top notch on paper, and it seems to be a perfect candidate to put up directly against the infamous Western Digital Raptor 150. And so the Raptor says to the Barracuda: "I challenge you to a duel!".... Read More


12/30/2007 Mtron Mobi 32GB SSD -"Let the price war begin!" So you've seen the Mtron Pro in action, heck you've even seen Battleship Mtron with 9 SSD's in Raid 0. But we finally have a drive that the average PC user can almost afford, and maybe justify. You are looking at a drive that will perform almost identical to an Mtron Professional drive in a single user environment. Heres the catch: Its half of the price!!! .... Read More


12/13/2007 "Battleship Mtron" -Solid State Raid 0 Performance Explored Last weeks review of the single Mtron 16GB Pro SSD introduced a new king of consumer SATA performance. If you thought 1 drive was enough, how about 2, or 9 in Raid 0? Day by day, we find out more intriguing details about this incredible solid state technology brought to us by Mtron, Korea. .... Read More


12/9/2007 Next Level Hardware Announces our first ever Holiday Buyers guide and "Dream PC" configuration for December of 2007. We offer our editors top hardware picks for the end of the holiday season. The only question that remains is: How large is your bank account? Read More


12/1/2007 Mtron 16GB Professional SSD claims the title of the fastest SATA device in the world. Can the latest Solid State Drive from Mtron take the performance crown right from the Western Digital Raptor 150? We put these two drives through fierce competition and find out just a little bit more about Solid State Technology.... Read More

After reading the article, not only does the new SSD from Mtron pounce on a Raptor 150 in a single user environment, but be prepared for further Raid 0 testing on Next Level Hardware that should achieve close to 100,000 IOP's at 4k in a server level configuration. Thanks to our good friend Shawn at Neostore.com, we have an additional 9 drives being sent to us for Raid 0 evaluation ASAP. Have you ever seen 1 Gb/s throughput? Neither have we!  :)

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Mtron 16GB Professional SSD                Claims the title of the fastest SATA device in the world. Can the latest Solid State Drive from Mtron take the performance crown right from the Western Digital Raptor 150? Read More



Intel QX9650 - A Holiday Gift For Overclockers The latest processor iteration from Intel may look like a standard Core2Duo refresh and simple die shrink on the outside. But it sure does pack a hard punch. Read More


Asetek Vapochill LS "Xtreme Modified" Jin Park of Riverside California turns his small time operation into a big time business. How would you like to be able to cool your Intel Core 2 Duo processor to the sound of -50*C load? Read More


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